Unlock scientific collaboration through technology.

ScienceMesh is the Federated Science Cloud Mesh that connects existing and heterogeneous sites in a transparent way.

It is a rich ecosystem for frictionless scientific collaboration and access to research services where

Using ScienceMesh

Whether you are developer, service provider, or researcher, we have the information and resources you need to get started.

Develop once, Deploy anywhere

Thanks to the ScienceMesh Interoperability Platform, you will be able to develop productivity and research applications which can be deployed on mesh nodes regardless of the vendor backend they are using

Expose your applications to a virtually limitless and diverse user base

Join a vibrant community of research-oriented applications aimed at unlocking the full potential of world wide collaboration

View/Contribute to the Code Base Join in the Discussion Integrate Your Application

Deploy ScienceMesh in your Organisation

Empower your researchers with ScienceMesh:

Easily set up a service based on pre-packaged Open Source software.

Allow your users to communicate, share and collaborate with the thousands of researchers on other nodes

Provide your own applications and services based on an open platform with global reach. Expose it to a virtually limitless and diverse user base

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Research Sharing, Analysis, Collaboration, and Management

ScienceMesh provides the research environment in which to:

Share files with researchers on other mesh nodes.

Collaborate with researchers through rich applications (e.g. notebook and document editing).

Manage your research data, make it FAIR and publish it on digital repositories (e.g. InvenioRDM/Zenodo)

Easily start point-to-point data transfers of large data files (using RClone or FTS/Rucio).

Join a dynamic world wide community where you can easily collaborate and exchange research objects and documents.

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Federated sharing of data across different sync-and-share services.

Federated use of applications such as collaborative document editing, data archiving, and data publishing.

Fast transfer of large datasets from one site to another.

Remote data analysis through sync-and-share services.


Reva is the foundation software for the ScienceMesh platform.

Reva is an inter-operability platform originally developed at CERN to bridge the gap between cloud storages and application providers. Reva is used every day at CERN to power the CERNBox service.

OCM is the mechanism to stablish trust between sites.

OpenCloudMesh connects globally interconnected mesh of research cloud without sacrificing any of the advantages in privacy, control and security an on-premises cloud provides.

CS3APIs provide a common interface for applications and storage to communicate.

It is the cornerstone of the application ecosystem which sits on top of the ScienceMesh.


Learn and Connect

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