Unlock scientific collaboration through technology.

ScienceMesh is a rich ecosystem for frictionless scientific collaboration and access to research services.


Federated sharing of data across different sync-and-share services.

Federated use of applications such as collaborative document editing, data archiving, and data publishing.

Fast transfer of large datasets from one site to another.

Remote data analysis through sync-and-share services.


Reva is the foundation software for the ScienceMesh platform.

Reva is an inter-operability platform originally developed at CERN to bridge the gap between cloud storages and application providers. Reva is used every day at CERN to power the CERNBox service.

OCM is the mechanism to stablish trust between sites.

OpenCloudMesh connects globally interconnected mesh of research cloud without sacrificing any of the advantages in privacy, control and security an on-premises cloud provides.


Learn and Connect

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Develop and Contribute

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Operational Status