Application Catalogue

ScienceMesh Data Science Environment

Collaborate with other researchers in shared notebooks with easy access to existing data stores, computing capacity and rich data science environments.

Create your own Jupyter Notebooks

Access remote data shares from your notebooks

Share notebooks with other researchers on the Mesh

Create interactive Voilà dashboards to display your results


From files to Open Data.

An easy workflow to expunge your datasets from your sync and share system to Open Data repositories

Annotate your research datasets with linked data, using Describo Online

Publish your results directly to OSF, Zenodo or any InvenioRDM-based system

Markdown Editor

Create collaborative documents

The power of CodiMD from within your sync and share system

Create Markdown notes and share them with other mesh users

Organize your markdown notes like regular files and keep them in folders

Data Transfers

Copy files from point A to point B

Copy large files point-to-point, from the comfort of your sync and share service

Get notified when the transfer finishes

Based on RClone